Blue Vinyl: Documentary

Blue Vinyl is a documentary on the hazards of bio-accumulation, pollution, and the impact of plastic thought to be benign. Directed by Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand. The documentary film won the prize for documentary cinematography at Sundance in 2002.

Judith Helfand’s parents put blue vinyl siding on her house but she suspects there is more to the siding than meets the eye – and health. A victim of DES poisoning, she has a hysterectomy, triggering her investigation tinto the negative health effects of PVC, its use, and disposal, as well as interviews with cancer victims living and working near vinyl and PVC factories. While the subject is dark, the filmmakers make this a fun and hilarious journey.

The official site of the documentary is offline, but Wikipedia has information on the film, as does Top Documentary Films, and is available for viewing on the premium Docurama Films on YouTube ($2.98 a month).